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The Promise


Whose knock awakens

The deep slumber of the night,

For this precious life,

To slowly cast in light?

The lineage teachings—

That vessel full of treasure,

Who is it, rowing its oars?

In an instant,

It’s at our door.

Just one step forward,

We can readily board;

Sailing toward

The uncharted sea of wisdom.

There, your kind, loving smile

Brings into our lives

A resplendent brightness.


Rippling waves of compassion;


Surging tides of wisdom;

Steering straight to the morning sun

With you,

Safeguarding us.

Your loving care and protection

Promises us—

For all the days to come,


You’re by our side.

Translated by Amrita Translation Foundation
Author: Zhen-Ru
Translators: Ven. Sonia and Ven. Tina
Editors: Ven. Heather, Ven. Sabrina, Ven. Joanna, and Ven. Elena

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  • Jinmei

    I am on board the vessel of treasures, knowing that YOU are by my side, safeguarding me for all the days to come! Miss you and wish you all the best my dearest teacher!