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The Sun Within


The days are really very cold!

But, when the sun peeks from behind the clouds


It is as if the earth returns to summer again.

I see long grasses beside the road

Blown by the winds,

Lying supine on the ground.

When the sun’s rays scatter they become strands of silver.

Some strands wear dewdrops–

As light shines through them

They are adorned with diamonds,

Sparkling and resplendent.

Though I am ill

The sun generously offers me warmth,

Its light and heat beam into the depths of my heart.

I cannot help but marvel:

No matter how cold the frigid earth,

No matter how frightening the winter’s chills,

With only the rise of the sun

Warmth descends upon us all.

With only the rise of the sun,

The world is luminous.

Regardless of the iciness of samsara,

As long as the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are here,

They are suns–

Emitting a splendour that outshines the shadow of samsara.

With them,

The ocean of suffering is lit with beauty.

Their light of compassion and wisdom

–akin to a mother’s gentle hands–

Softly descends upon the crowns of living beings terrified by the cycles of living and dying.


Do not fear samsara’s coldness.

Do not fear samsara’s bleakness.

For as long as we give rise to a heart as resplendent as the sun

–full of altruism and the wisdom of emptiness–

We can bring warmth to all of samsara,

We can soothe all beings’ fears, and

We can illuminate heaven and earth.

This is the Bodhisattva!

The sun needs no company,

Diligently–tirelessly–it emits powerful warmth and light:

The sullen earth evolves into a sea of colour,

The sky is luminous,

The ocean wears a blanket of blue, and

The little hearts in the world feel love–

As if basking in a mother’s embrace.

This is the sun’s brilliance and energy.

If our hearts emit this kind of light

–compassionate and wise–

Samsara’s darkness will withdraw,

Samsara’s coldness will disintegrate.

There is no need for company–

For the instant the heart gives rise to such powerful resplendent altruism and emptiness,

It transcends all boundaries to help all beings.

How exhilarating is this dream?

Recalling it our fingers curl into fists and our eyes brim with tears.

It is exciting–

Stopping so many in their tracks,

Encouraging countless lives, and

Rousing innumerable hearts.

How I yearn to accomplish it!–

Even if it takes decades, lifetimes, or eons of effort,

If only so that one day I can embody a heart as passionate as the sun–

A heart that never wilts,

A heart that never freezes,

A heart that never surrenders

–that only emanates light, warmth, and strength–

A heart that helps all beings live and prosper!

How marvelous is this dream?

A heart so vast it swallows the oceans and encompasses the skies,

A heart so steadfast it shoulders the paths of all living beings


Nurturing their sincerest dreams

Of leaving suffering and attaining happiness forever.

A wonder,

The beautiful rainbow heart.

Once it is ours,

What more

Will we wish for?

It eliminates a sea of suffering

–aging, sickness, death–

It relieves ignorance and poverty

–never desolate, never afraid, never lonely–

The magnificent sun-heart!


May it rise!


May it rise!

Translated by Amrita Translation Foundation
Author: Zhen-Ru
Translator: Kacy Lin
Chief Editors: Ven. Alick
Editors: Ven. Elena, Ven. Sonia, Ven. Tina, Lori Wu, Jingli Wang

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  • 陳悌錦


  • Sharon Lim

    Thank you Teacher Zhen Ru! Your wise words filled with love and compassion warmed the heart and helps relieve the pains and suffering going through tough times, aging and sickness! Yes, as long as you, the Buddha and bodhisattvas are here is akin to the sun giving us the hope and guiding light! With gratitude and your disciple will continue to work hard to learn the excellent teachings and also learn to reach out to those in suffering!

  • Lottie Lin

    Similarly, I was ill these days, but after reading your work, I'm encouraged by your words. Thank you for your encouragement. Even though the weather becomes colder, I can still awaken my inner strength. When my inner light rises, its warmth and light make me feel fearless and hopeful.

  • Li Fen Ke

    The author's ability to transform ordinary details into beautiful imagery is truly remarkable. In a single moment, our numb hearts are able to find a space to breathe. It is as if, in the midst of a painful samsara, we are suddenly able to see the light of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas shining all around us.

    The author's courage is even more evident in their bold aspiration to awaken the bodhicitta in everyone. This hope can warm our own hearts and the hearts of others, our suffering lives can be completely transformed, and we will journey together towards a better life.

  • Chua Sok Hoon

    Very thoughtful and touching, thank you teacher

  • Yeng Sai Chek

    Beautiful sun,
    Wonderful sun
    Hopeful sun
    Embrace sun
    Thank you sun
    For I fear no more

  • Chou Jaicy

    Read this issue over,I wish every day the sun will shine,and when the rainy day is come,we will never afraid dark and lonely.

  • Ann Marie clow

    Your words are so beautiful, filled with love, compassion, knowledge, and wisdom. You’re such a gift to the world.❤️❤️

  • Sun-Inn Shih

    I yearn to be that sun! Dear Teacher, please be my sun and lead me each and every step to become one!

  • Yulisa

    With the compassionate and wise light of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas illuminating me, I hope to cultivate a magnificent heart, as warm, bright, and powerful as the sun, to assist beings in transcending suffering and finding enduring happiness.