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The Lotus


Burrowing within mud,

Dirt overwhelms.

Soaring above water,

The lotus greets the eye.

Gentle waves of sweetness

Caress the senses.

Let us not complain of

Where life finds us.


Let us reflect upon the heights

From which we see.

To a changed heart,

There is a changed world.

Reforming the inner eye,

The world


Is it magic,

Or a beautiful illusion?

Have you grasped it?

And still,

Most marvelous

Is the Buddha’s mastery


Birth, aging, sickness and death

Into bliss.

For this,

Dedicate your moments.

Pour forth your all.


Your journey


Translated by Amrita Translation Foundation
Author: Zhen-Ru
Translator: Kacy Lin
Chief Editors: Ven. Alick
Editors: Ven. Yvonne, Ven. Sabrina, Ven. Joanna, Ven. Elena, Ven. Sonia, Ven. Tina, Lori Wu, Jingli Wang

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  • Huiling LEE

    Thank you Teacher Zhen-Ru for all your teachings, simple yet poignant . Yes, let's dedicate our moments, pour forth our all as my journey awaits!

  • 許蓮芝

    感恩父親為我取的名字,我也秉持著,蓮出汙泥而不染, 濁清蓮而不驕,每 日三省吾身,是否有依教奉行,做師所喜,不造惡業

  • 林文慧

    出塵的蓮花,在污泥的環境下,勇於突破,傲然於水面之上,迎著大自然的風吹雨打、日曬....綻放著。 一縷輕風改變了內心對世俗的憂惱,面對生老病死一系列的旅程。歡喜、讚嘆佛陀的法力、您的慈悲引導,袪除內心的無明害怕,勇於面對黑暗迎向光明的心。

  • symphorosa

    May the Buddha's mastery works on me, your blessing transforms all my sufferings into bliss and a solid aspiration for enlightenment. May I follow your footprints, your determination to eliminate the sufferings of all sentient beings and to dispel the darkness of samara.

  • 甘偉新


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  • Liz LAM

    I am so fortunate to have a chance to learn Buddha's teachings from the Master and my dearest teacher, so that I can stand on the shoulders of giants and look at the world. Thank you teacher for reminding me to reform the inner eye, then I can change my heart and see the truth.

  • Jean Li

    Thank you for the beautiful translation, reminding me of Guru’s precious teachings and wisdom. “Let us not complain of Where life finds us. Instead, Let us reflect upon the heights From which we see.”

    May we follow the Guru to continuously elevate the heights of our perceptions and understanding.

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  • 尤智蟻


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