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The Great Eagle's Dream


Piercing pain-

News riding on the wind.


It floats.


It scatters.

The hurt.

The suffering.

The struggles.

The fears.

The world weighs heavily within.

Numbers become pain.

Numbers become solace.

The healthy.

The ill.

The living.

The dead.

Heartache upon heartache.


Tears roll down my face.

Swallowed by sorrow-


A thousand times

I seek to calm myself

Through conscious mindful breaths.


I must awaken.


I must find calm.

Thinking of our world-

What can I do?

What can I consider?

What can I say?

How can I bring

Comfort and solace today?



One night I dream:

I transform into a giant eagle-

My wingspan,

As great as the sky.

I spread my wings,


As all of humanity climbs on.

Extending both wings-

Pushing against the winds-

We climb the skies.


Flying from pain,

Flying from heartache.


Flying to the starlight,

Flying to the full bright moon.

We soar.

Pale blue night

Nightingales again in song.

Bright stars shine-

As if to play and sing along.

I am a great eagle

Soaring in the pale blue universe.

No more disasters.

No more death.

Flying to brightness.

Flying to the stars.

Flying to the moon.

We soar.

Nightingales in song


The stars shine along

Serene happiness


In the universe

In the world

In us.

Within this dream

My heart will stay.

Within my heart

This dream will stay.



Translated by Amrita Translation Foundation
Author: Zhen-Ru
Translator: Kacy Lin
Chief Editor: Ven. Alick
Editors: Ven. Yvonne, Ven. Sabrina, Ven. Joanna, Ven. Elena, Ven. Sonia, Ven. Tina, Jingli Wang

Illustration: S.H. Wu

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  • Lori Fagan

    Thank Master Zhen Ru for showing us a path to a selfless, compassionate freedom to help others. The Mahayana path.I take refuge in The Buddha, The Dharma and The Sangha . Your guidance and compassion for all of us gives me courage and strength and Joyful perseverance to also be there for others.Thank you for sharing this beautiful, uplifting message in our lifes.

    16 Reply
  • Patty Siu

    Such a brave and beautiful dream! My heart can feel the eagerness of teacher zhen-ru's will to take us away from all the suffering, and how grand her dream could be! I am so touched by your care and love, like a mother for all being! Suddenly I feel safe and calm, for knowing such a great soul thinking and caring for all of us. Somehow I do believe the dream will come true! I vow to follow your guidance and to fullfil your dream, thus to care for those around me, comfort them if I can, for you have given me the strength and hope! Thank you so much!

    19 Reply
  • Karen Fann

    I read this poem 3 times. I cried 3 times I was so moved. Thank you for giving voice to the pain and fear felt by the whole world these days. I feel your empathy and genuine compassion. I feel my hurt and feelings of helplessness echoed and validated by your words. I feel uplifted by your dream, that we can transcend our pain, sorrow, horror, and crippling negativity-- and also take others with us to a place of serene happiness. Thank you for sharing your beautiful illustrations, your heartfelt poem, your gorgeous dream-- I hope that I can also be like you "Within this dream, my heart will stay. Within my heart, this dream will stay."
    With sincere thanks and gratitude,

    60 Reply
  • Jimmy Lin

    Hoping to have the same dream as the writer did.

    The world has suffered a lot, and that makes us lacking the confidence to face it.
    We have closed our heart, try not to face the reality, not to face the raging number.
    Not to let ourself down again.

    But the poem gives us hope.
    And it has comfort us, giving us the courage we need to help others, and the courage to face the problem in our own heart.
    I feels warm again.

    I hope the dream can become reality one day.

    Big thanks to the writer.

    44 Reply
  • John Hopkins

    I loved this poem and message. It is so soulful and honest. And it describes such a burden each one of us feels right now, yet rallies from despair to become beautiful and mighty, energy transcending and transforming all into a phoenix of hope on the wings of a mighty eagle - who is fearless of its protection of our hearts and bodies. Master Zhen-Ru's kind soul and artful words are rays of beautiful shimmering and shining light coming from the diamond eyes of this great eagle - and which heals and carries us to safety.

    45 Reply